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Build & Release
Co-lead of the Website & Documentation and the QA/Bug Triage teams
• Liaising with caminol10n project
• Release driving and build engineering
• Uploading Mac OS X Breakpad symbols for crash-stats

ardissone and sauron on #camino
alqahira at ardisson dot org in Bugzilla


Troubleshoot Camino Bugs and Features Scratchpad

PrettyPrint.xsl Bugs and Features Scratchpad

madhatter Bugs and Features Scratchpad

To-Do List

Camino-related tools I'd like

Camino-specific prefs

Crash Reporting:

Problems with and desired improvements to crash analysis webtool UI
Crash Analysis Workflow
Breakpad Bugs Scratchpad
Camino Crash Reporter

Cocoa/Thebes Bugs:

Cocoa Form Controls Bugs Scratchpad

JavaScript-AppleScript communication


Safebrowsing UI Improvements

Gecko is Gecko (on wiki.m.o)

Localizing Gecko Strings Redux (for Camino 2.1)

Localizing Gecko Strings (for Camino 2)

Appearance Rewrite

Autocomplete Rewrite

Add-on System APIs


Documents tracking the fixing of classes of bugs


Towards a single Camino binary
User:sardisson/Thoughts on Peter’s 2007 Summer of Camino proposal
Thoughts on Feeds
A discordant note on scrolling tab bars

Fun: - putting Chuck Norris in his place
Camino Mottos


Mac OS X version statistics

Logistics of the software update check frequency



A plan of attack for Camino 1.1

Thoughts on Scoping Camino 1.2

Stuff to fix on the 1.5 website

Website Version Detection Scratchpad

Dogfood-ish Bugs

Some well-defined crashers